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Volunteer Abroad Grants

The Omprakash Ambassador Travel Grant supports travel and living expenses for qualified, energetic, and entrepreneurial individuals who want to volunteer abroad within our international network of grassroots health, education, and environmental "Partner" organizations. Omprakash levies no fees upon volunteers, but the majority of volunteers are still required to cover their own travel and living expenses. Our grant program enables us to harness the potential of inspired individuals who are poised to contribute to our mission but would struggle to afford these basic costs. Omprakash Ambassadors are also awarded automatic enrollment in Omprakash EdGE (Education Through Global Engagement), our rich online curriculum that explores the ethics, economics, and complex power dynamics that underlie cross-cultural volunteering and 'aid' in the world we share.

The program has three basic aims:

  • to provide talented people with educational and empowering experiences of global citizenship
  • to provide our Partners with needed support
  • to expand the scope and depth of our impact by recruiting volunteers who exhibit the intention and capacity to make a long-term contribution to our international network

This contribution might involve reaching out to new volunteers or Partners, sharing creative Resources such as lesson plans or educational documentaries, helping students and teachers learn and serve with our Partners, or fundraising-but ultimately, it is up to each applicant to determine his or her most valuable offering to our network.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I receive a grant, what type of reporting as I responsible for?

Prior to service, Omprakash Ambassadors participate in Omprakash EdGE, a twelve-week course that orients participants in basic travel logistics and challenges them to think critically about the history, ethics, and economics of international development and service.

Omprakash Ambassadors are expected to submit progress reports through the duration of their service. They are also expected to frequently update their Omprakash blog and post media to document their project.

What the grant deadlines?

Our Omprakash Ambassador Travel Grant is open to all, regardless of age or nationality. Our next grant deadline is May 15, 2014.

When do I hear back about my application?

The committee contacts all applicants within thirty days after the deadline.

What is the grant award amount?

Grants generally range from $500.00 - $2,500.00 and may only be used for travel and living expenses, such as plane tickets and the cost for accommodation. Funds may not be used to purchase project supplies such as classroom teaching materials. Grants are distributed in one to three installments.