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Lacey Worel15 Jun 2012 - 13:44:23
This exploration of various incentive structures in the profit generating model and the no administrative fees model of volunteering promotes a deeper understanding of what Omprakash strives to achieve. It's clear that open communication, human relationships and sensitivity remain at the heart of a zero administrative fees model. Yet, it is exciting to think that Omprakash could generate revenue to increase the sustainability of the network without levying fees upon it's users. I appreciate that a distinction has been made between monetizing certain aspects of the site and charging administrative fees that inevitably alter incentives. It is interesting to consider how various models influence the attitudes of the volunteer/host and in turn how this impacts the community. Maintaining an open dialog regarding incentives and their consequences will only lead to greater understanding of how to best serve partners in the Omprakash network. As a Regional Coordinator for Omprakash, I will keep these incentive strucutres in mind as I continue to work with volunteers/organizations.
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