July 2012
Deirdre McLean
Position :
Overall Rating:
5 star!!! AMAZING!!
Did you feel like you made a difference?:
5 star!!
5 star! Great for volunteer accommodation- even hot water all the time!
I felt so secure at Daktari and never in any real danger but obviously you are in the middle of the bush!
Organization and communication:
5 star!
General Comment
An incredible, eye-opening and awe inspiring experience!

My time volunteering at Daktari was one of the best and happiest experiences I have ever had!

I loved every single minute that I spent there from the moment I was greeted by two gorgeous warthogs trying to eat my shoes to watching the sunset on my last day, and one year and a trip volunteering in sri lanka on I still think of the work I did there and the people and animals I met.

I can't describe how incredible it was for me at Daktari, I learned so much about life, animals, south africa and the culture. I am sure that the kids taught me far more than I did them while I was there. I met some of the most wonderful people in Ian, Michele, Risette and all of the volunteers and I feel have formed some life long friendships form my time there. I was truly a life changing experience for me and has inspired me so much to think about what I want to do in life, particularly as far as environmental education goes. From previous volunteer experience with orphaned and abused animals I have to say that it hasn't instilled in me a great faith in people but Daktari is somewhere that inspires me to believe in and more importantly to try to work with people and the sorts of amazing things that you can achieve when you do.

It felt so much like we were all a family, a real home from home. I loved absolutely everything about my time at Daktari and I am definitely planning to go back for longer when I am finished my phd! I am especially excited to see the ecocide project. I felt so at home there. I would definatley recommend Daktari for anyone who has an interest in kids, education, animals, the environment or all of the above! It is also an amazing and safe way of getting to understand life in South Africa.