August 2013
Sylvia Aycock
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I loved living in Peru at Healing House. It's a wonderful and supportive community that exists, filled with some really inspiring individuals.
Did you feel like you made a difference?:
I feel like I've made a huge difference in my own life and how I see things. Volunteering here I also feel like I've greatly expanded my tool box when it comes to helping others.
Living and working in the same place can be a bit crazy at times, but it's one of the most fun places to stay. Having that community with you all the time is definitely exciting and rewarding.
I couldn't feel more safe here at Healing House. Cusco is a beautiful place where unfortunate things happy just like anywhere else. Still, here at Healing House we take extra measures, locking everything, just in case!
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General Comment
Making changes with in and with out

My time at Healing House has been incredible and has brought about many inner changes to my own ways of thinking that have been a great turn for the better. Healing House is working to bring about the shift in consciousness to a more free and creative world. Equally affecting both volunteers, residents, and locals, Healing House helps people realize their full potential.