August 2013
Derek Mraz
Position : GJP Headquarters Intern
Overall Rating:
Global Journal Project is an exciting new non-profit that seeks to stimulate student dialogue about relevant issues across sociocultural divides—this entails both international conversations as well as helping high schoolers to recognize and give voice to the distinct communities in their area of the world. I came to California to aid in the development of the programming offered by GJP, as well as to provide assistance with an assortment of projects over the course of the summer.
Did you feel like you made a difference?:
Absolutely. As GJP is a relatively young organization, many of its long-term goals and efforts are being determined by decisions made now. The bulk of the material I created (largely independently, with consultation with Steve) will be put to use as GJP expands and further refines its mission.
While GJP cannot guarantee any accommodations for volunteers who come to Carlsbad, Steve was very helpful in setting me up with a local family with extra space.
Its suburban California, I don't think this question is applicable.
Organization and communication:
Steve was very prompt in communicating with me when I first began emailing him. We also Skyped on several occasions before I drove out. When I arrived, we discussed the projects for the summer he had outlined and how I might be able to best contribute.
General Comment
Summer at GJP

My two and a half months in Carlsbad were both enjoyable and informative. I feel I was able to make a tangible contribution to the organization and its future and hope to continue to be involved as it grows.