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a space for reflection, dialogue, and collaboration across differences.

a refuge of strength and creativity in the face of political and environmental upheaval.

a catalyst for individual and collective transformation in pursuit of mutual liberation. 


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What We Are

SPOILER: not a flashy solution,
not a widget to end poverty,
not a buzzwordy facade,
not a neocolonial impulse,
not a voluntourist trap.

Omprakash is a global network of 221 social impact "Partner" organizations in 53 countries and 29,758 people from 138 countries. Our Partners use the network to find volunteers, interns, researchers and donors, as well as to showcase their work to a global audience.

EdGE is a customizable online learning platform designed to support critical reflection, dialogue, and action across differences of culture and power.

Global Dialogue is a unique forum deliberately built to encourage people and organizations from all over the world to bridge chasms of power and culture in order to collaborate on issues relating to global 'development' and social change.

Crowdfunding via Omprakash allows our Partners and EdGE interns to raise funds with little to no fees. Since 2005, we have distributed over $15 million throughout the network. Because Omprakash is a nonprofit, donations are tax-deductible for US-based donors.

The Blog showcases voices from throughout the network, from Partners promoting their recent work to EdGE interns posting their "Record of Perspectives" and final "Capstones." There are always exciting new posts to explore.

Pathways for connection, inspiration, and outward movement.

Jumpstart your gap year, supplement your semester, or prepare for a career shift with our unique combination of global internships (online or in-person), curated curriculum, local engagement, personalized mentorship, and digital storytelling.

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Embodying Resilience: Partners Adapt and Respond to COVID-19

All over the world, people are seeing their neighbors' challenges — perhaps for the first time. As leaders in their communities, Omprakash Partners are particularly well-positioned to adapt and respond to the changing needs of their communities, and to remain hopeful during these tumultuous times.

Learn about their work

5 Tips for Being a Useful Online Volunteer

What does it mean to be a 'useful' online volunteer — particularly in this moment of tremendous global disruption and uncertainty? In this post, we take a holistic, human-centered approach towards answering this question. Rather than emphasize checklists or apps, we focus on relationships, communication, and mutual learning.

Read more

COVID-19: Guidance for Omprakash Partners and Travelers

Along with much of the world, the Omprakash team is carefully monitoring the evolving situation with the novel coronavirus also known as COVID-19. Here, we offer formal guidance to our Partners and to those currently traveling or considering travel within our network.

Read more here

The Empty Bowl: Holding Space for Dialogue in a Complex World

Each month, the Omprakash newsletter brings you stories from within and beyond our network. Check out the full archive, and subscribe if you'd like!

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Global Partners to Explore

Zomba, Malawi
Online: Fundraising/Resource Mobilisation
Online: Communications Volunteer
+3 more
Quito, Ecuador
Online: Video Editor
Education Apprentice
Construction Apprentice
+2 more
Beirut, Lebanon
Online: Fundraising Assistant
Online: Research Assistant
+1 more
Minas Gerais- Rosario da Limeira,, Brazil
Online: Social Media Analist
Rainforest Medicinal Plants - Join the Living Pharmacy Team
+3 more
Kampala, Uganda
Online: Business Devel. & Fundraising Officer
Online: Research Officer
Online: Monitoring and Evaluation specialist
+4 more
Madurai, Tamil Nadu,INDIA, India
Online: Project Graphic Designer
Online: Development Assistant
Online: Online fundraiser
+9 more
Education through Global Engagement

EdGE is a reaction,
an intervention,
a revolution.

No more superficial
global engagement.

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